How To Become An Administrative Assistant In Health Care?
How To Become An Administrative Assistant In Health Care?

How To Become An Administrative Assistant In Health Care?

In this article, we will address how to become an administrative assistant in health, especially in category C of this profile. To become an administrative collaborator with the ASLs and Healthcare Companies, it is necessary to pass the competitive tests typical of public competitions.

We will see what are the subjects to be studied and the expected tests, but above all what the work of those who cover this role consists of, investigating the tasks and professional contexts.

Administrative Assistant Category C In Health

Employees in the health sector hold roles that are regularly managed by a National Collective Labor Agreement (CCNL), which is the source of legislation through which workers’ trade unions have structured their duties, obligations, rights, and protections, as well as the salaries of workers, which are divided into different categories.

The CCNL of health also divides the roles into categories, and the administrative assistant belongs to Category C. He is not alone but in good company.

Category C includes roles that require basic specialized theoretical knowledge, with high technical skills to be able to carry out the decisive actions for the job in question.

In category C as an administrative assistant, the duties concern areas of intervention in which it is necessary to possess consolidated skills of autonomy and responsibility, coordination and control of other operators. These operators and other personnel are managed and led toward the achievement of certain objectives.

The following fall into Category C:

  • health care professionals
  • nurses
  • pediatric nurses
  • midwives
  • dieticians
  • health assistants
  • podology
  • dental hygienists
  • technical health personnel, as health technician of biomedical laboratory, medical radiology, orthopedic, neurophysiopathology, dental technician, cardiocirculatory physiopathology technician, and cardiovascular perfusion, optical
  • rehabilitation personnel, such as audiometrist technician, hearing aid technician, physiotherapist, speech therapist, neuro and psychomotor therapist of developmental age, psychiatric and psychosocial education and rehabilitation technician, occupational therapist, professional educator
  • surveillance and inspection personnel
  • social assistance staff
  • professional worker Social worker
  • personnel and technical assistant, with tasks of technical importance and engaged in roles such as investigations, surveys, measurements, graphic representations, inspections, and technical appraisals, taking care of the maintenance of the required documentation, supervising the execution of the assigned works, and ensuring compliance with the security, such as computer programmers
  • administrative staff

Administrative Assistant Category C: Duties and Requirements

The Category C Health Administrative Assistant can be both an administrative assistant in the hospital, but not only, but also within other health organizations. Let’s see even more in detail what the occupations and duties of the administrative staff are classified in Category C1.

When within this category the professional plays the role of collaborator or administrative assistant, he is employed to deploy his skills in management, finance, and planning. It is assumed that he has technical accounting and data analysis knowledge that can be useful to him to carry out the assignment in a precise and efficient way.

In some contexts, the administrative health assistant deals with the coordination of staff and other third parties, but in others, he can carry out his activity alone and with full autonomy. You collect, organize and process complex information, including related to reporting.

It can issue copies, certificates, and extracts. In some ways, his duties are related to secretarial, classification, and collating duties, but in reality, he has more responsibilities and, even if this word may be misunderstood, “prestige”.

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